How farmers are delivering more than food

At Rhodon Films, we were inspired by Llyr’s passion for his animals, team, and the environment when we met him on a trip to Wales. As chicken farmers look to the future, they are creating environments that allow their chickens to engage in natural behaviors and improve their overall well-being. This not only enhances the quality of the product, but also allows the farmer to sleep easier knowing they are giving their chickens the best life possible. It’s important to us at Rhodon Films to combat misconceptions and share stories like Llyr’s with the world.

We created a main film and used it to produce three additional films for different social media formats: letterbox, square, and vertical. This allows us to share the content on various social media channels. See below for a selection of the films, and visit our YouTube channel for the full collection

Full Film

Here we interview the farmer at an B&B, we filmed content at his farm and used bought in footage to keep costs down.

A tip to help the environment

We took the opportunity to get a tip from him, we took the tip from the main film and created a social media clip.

Fighting misconceptions

We edited out the main reason for the film, to fight misconceptions about Egg Farming and made into a social media clip.

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