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Video production by Rhodon films for events is the perfect way to get your message across, reach new customers, and make sure your clients are getting the best experience possible. When you hire us, we’ll bring our expertise and experience in video production for events to ensure that your team has everything it needs to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We’re here to help you improve brand perception, build a stronger client relationship, and expand your customer reach—all while making sure that your team gets the best possible experience on the job.

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Examples of how video can be used to promote events.

Business Introductions

Business Introductions stands out as one of the best networking events in the Northwest. Marian has achieved this by curating events that are friendly, fun, yet still professional. She sought a film that reflected this essence, and we believe we’ve hit the mark.

Website –

Photo Booth sought a film to showcase the experience for entrepreneurs considering investing in a booth, illustrating the process and the enjoyment it brings. Our approach began with a captivating time-lapse and concluded with an engaging montage

Taylor-Lynn Corp. Events

A time-lapse must offer more than just a single angle for the viewer to fully enjoy the film. We utilise multiple cameras in different locations to showcase the incredible process of transforming a space

Social media content

Leverage the power of social media by showcasing the impressive performances at your event, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients

Discovering Hope: Beechwood’s impact on Mike’s Journey

This film was designed to be shown at an event. Online films need to get the essence of the story across in the first few seconds. Event films are different, you have more time to get the human side of the story across, this gives you time to really get under the skin of the viewer and get their emotions flowing.

Beechwood –

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