Cheshire Smokehouse

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Cheshire Smokehouse is a renowned supplier of premium food products with a history dating back over five generations, or more than 100 years. They specialise in producing a variety of smoked foods on-site using the finest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers. Our team created a luxurious montage for Cheshire Smokehouse to increase awareness of their brand and showcase the exceptional work they do. The film was later re-edited and transformed into two social media adverts, which highlighted the company’s rich history and dedication to producing high-quality smoked foods.

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Homepage video

You only get one chance at creating a first impression. At Rhodon Films, we assisted Smoke House in astonishing customers with their time-honoured smoking techniques, passed down through generations.

Social media content

We edited the film into two segments, enabling its use on social media to attract new customers.

Social media content

Here is the second film, showcasing the artistry behind their legendary smoked salmon.

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