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Many people think that creating a charity video is easy – just show someone in need and watch the donations pour in. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Evoking emotions through video requires specialised skills and experience. Moreover, the approach to video production can vary depending on whether the content will be shown at live events or online. At Rhodon Films, we understand the complexities involved in producing effective charity videos. With our expertise, we can guide your charity through the entire process, ensuring that your video elicits the response you desire.

“Crafting a charity film isn’t as straightforward as placing a subject in front of the camera and aiming to evoke an emotional response from the audience. The platform where the film is showcased dictates the window of opportunity you have to create an impact. In this video, I aim to elucidate why the sequence of a charity film plays a vital role in realising your objectives.”

Examples of different types of charity video

  • Fundraising videos: These videos are created to inspire donors and potential donors to support the charity’s cause financially. They usually highlight the impact of the charity’s work and explain how donations will make a difference.
  • Awareness videos: These videos are designed to educate people about the issue the charity is addressing. They may use personal stories, statistics, or interviews with experts to help viewers understand the problem and the need for action.
  • Volunteer recruitment videos: These videos aim to recruit volunteers to help with the charity’s work. They may showcase the different types of volunteer opportunities available, the benefits of volunteering, and the impact volunteers can make.
  • Thank-you videos: These videos are a way for charities to show appreciation to their supporters, whether it be donors, volunteers, or partners. They may feature heartfelt messages of thanks from the people the charity has helped or from staff members.
  • Event videos: Charities may create videos to document or promote their events, such as fundraising galas, walks, or runs. These videos may highlight the fun and excitement of the event and showcase the impact of the charity’s work.
  • Educational videos: These videos may be created to educate the public about specific issues related to the charity’s mission. They may use animation, infographics, or interviews with experts to help viewers understand complex topics.

A different type of event video

Event footage, designed to be shown at an event and build awareness

Event Film

See how we do different edits depending on where the film will be shown

Promotional film

To raise awareness, some time it’s good to have fun with the subject.

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