Revolutionise Your AI Experience: Unveiling the Power of Customised Responses with ChatGPT

Elevate your AI game and transform your interactions with ChatGPT! 🚀

In this game-changing video, we unravel the secret to unlocking the full potential of ChatGPT, turning generic responses into tailored answers that resonate with your unique style and business ethos. 🎥

Join us on a journey as we share insights inspired by the incredible Seth Godin, giving you the tools to harness the influence of your favourite writers for a truly personalised AI experience. 🌐

Discover the hidden setting that’s reshaping the way we communicate with artificial intelligence. Learn step-by-step how to access this feature, located at the bottom left of your ChatGPT page. Click on your profile photo, navigate to the custom instruction page, and craft a narrative that reflects the essence of your business. 📝

Fill in the details about your company, providing as much context as possible. Specify the desired tone and style of responses. And yes, choose your favourite writer – because who wouldn’t want their AI to channel the brilliance of Seth Godin? 🚀

Witness a remarkable improvement in your AI interactions, tailored to your brand and business personality. We’ve explored Google’s Bard, Claude, and Co-pilot – none compare to the game-changing customisation offered by ChatGPT. 👍

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